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Shipping Out Episode One

  Check out episode one of Shipping Out, The Compass’ brand new podcast. In Break Bulk Andrew addresses one of the sadly common facets of the LSSU dating scene while Courtney talks to Jenn Hunter and the ComedySportz College Team and gives us the breakdown for the week’s events in Positive Ferry. D34D 5P4C3 (VIP Mix) by Strong Suit is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Scared Hitless Volleyball

Scared Hitless Volleyball

Balls flew everywhere on Brady Lawn last Saturday. One of the activities for Laker Week was the “Scared Hitless Volleyball” tournament. It wasn’t just the average volleyball game, though; this version of the game used huge, inflatable, egg-shaped balls instead of traditional ones. As the players arrived, members of the Activities Board blew up the…

Jitters with a Bonfire

Crowds of students bombarded the Galley last Thursday with one interest in mind: freebies. We all know Jitters is notorious for giving out free gifts, and this occasion was no exception. Thursday night, eagerly awaiting students were met with Jitters’ newest give-away: Mason jar mugs. At exactly 8:08 pm, Jitters began. As the line shuffled forward, the freebie-focused students would learn that, while the mugs were a great incentive to attend, Jitters had even more to offer. Inside the Galley, students were presented with an array of beverages, from mock-tails to coffee and hot chocolate, with which to fill their…

Women’s Walk Raises Money for Athletics While Having Fun

Aug. 24 — Lake Superior State University hosted its sixth annual Women’s Walk with the objective of raising money for women athletics. The main event was a 1.4 mile walk around campus, which weaved around Crawford Hall, past the president’s house, down the nearby hill, around the town houses and then back to the gym for the raffle and games. Despite being accidentally led in the wrong direction, it was an a successful event. Each athletic team, excluding cross country and hockey, had three-to-four volunteers compete in three games, whereupon completion the top team would be awarded a team dinner…